Performance-based email marketing
for e-commerce brands

You don't pay us until you get paid


  • We manage all aspects of your email marketing
  • 100% performance based with a small commission on email sales
  • Must have at least $10,000/month revenue to apply

A risk-free way to grow your revenue

Email marketing is undeniably powerful for e-commerce stores, but most brands are still underutilizing it. 

Running a successful email marketing program requires a winning strategy, flawless execution, and continuous optimization. You need to send the right email to the right person at the right time. 

That’s where we come in. 

We use a proven, data-driven process to help our clients generate 30-50% of their e-commerce revenue through email.

Email marketing agency retainers average $3,000 – $6,000 per month, but we do things different.

We work on a performance-based model and only charge a commission on each sale, with a maximum monthly commission of $2,500.  

Even if your brand is already driving 30% of revenue through email marketing, you’ll likely save time and money by working with us. 

We only make money when you make money.


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How we drive 30-50% of total revenue via email

We’ll dive into more detail below, but here’s our process from a high level:

  1. Send 4-12 campaigns per month that generate 10-25% of total revenue 
  2. Implement 5-10 flows that generate 10-25% of total revenue
  3. Use targeted pop-ups to get email collection rate to 5-10% 
  4. Continuous optimization to meet and exceed our benchmarks 

Keep scrolling to see the exact process we use to get your email marketing generating 30-50% of total revenue. 

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Email Samples

"We have more leads coming in than ever before"

“Sparklite has improved our digital strategy greatly. Our campaigns are converting at a much higher level and a much lower cost. We have more leads coming in than ever before.”
Blake Fontana
Frank Jewelers

Our Process


Sending too few campaigns is the most common mistake brands make. 

Sending 4 to 20 campaigns monthly is advisable to remain top-of-mind amidst the clutter of your customers’ inboxes. 

We start with 4 and increase carefully until we see diminishing returns while making sure your campaigns are:

  • Frequent enough to maximize revenue
  • High quality
  • Relevant (this is where segmentation comes in)

The optimal volume ultimately depends on the size and segmentation of your list. More segmentation allows for more campaigns as they can be sent to specific segments instead of your entire list.

If your business is generating $250,000+ per month, you’ll likely have advanced segmentation for your campaigns. However, if you’re earning below $100k per month, you’ll probably use fewer segments.


Email automation, also known as flows, are behavior-triggered emails. They are a crucial piece of email marketing and generate the majority of your email revenue, typically 15-25%.

Never “set and forget” your flows. They need regular updates and optimization, ideally every three months.

Successful email marketing doesn’t hinge on a single solution. It’s the combination of hundreds of small strategies. Having numerous, highly effective automated emails is vital to your success. Here are some examples of flows we implement: 

  • Welcome Flow – sent to new subscribers
  • Abandonment Flows – triggered when users abandon specific actions
    • Checkout Abandonment – started checkout but did not complete transaction
    • Cart Abandonment – added items to cart but did not check out
    • Browse Abandonment – browsed products on the website but did not add to cart
  • Post Purchase – sent after a purchase is made with different variants based on first-time buyers, repeat customers, or VIP customers
  • Replenishment – sent when a product is likely running out
  • Expected Date of Next Order – uses Klaviyo predictive analytics to calculate when someone is most likely to purchase
  • Back in Stock – notify customers when items are back in stock
  • Win Back – for customers who have not purchased in a long time
  • Birthday – gives customers a special deal for their birthday
  • Anniversary – rewards customers on special dates like first purchase or subscription anniversary

Email Collection

Having one pop-up won’t cut it. 

We implement a variety of highly personalized email collection forms to get your email collection rate to 5-10%. These pop-ups are based on a variety of factors: 

  • Referring traffic sources (e.g., Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,  specific blog posts, etc.)
  • Landing page on your website (Offer a lead magnet or promotion that matches the intent of the landing page)
  • Exit intent (combat site abandonment with strong exit intent forms)

For each of these forms, we do rigorous A/B testing to determine the optimal copy, creative, delay, size, offer, etc. for each signup form. 

Continuous Optimization

Our email marketing approach is data-driven and rigorously tested. 

After the initial implementation of core flows, campaigns, and email capture forms, we begin our optimization process until we hit our target metrics.

We use the framework above to continuously test, analyze, and optimize every aspect of your email marketing. 

For every test, we ensure enough data is collected for statistical significance. Results are then evaluated not just by click rate, but most importantly by purchases. If click rate increases but total revenue decreases, the test fails. Purchase metrics always take priority.

All test results are logged into a mastersheet to help guide future decisions and tests. 

This is a never-ending process, and these incremental gains are what help us generate 30-50% of your revenue through email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You need at least $10,000/mo in revenue. 

Most importantly, we want brands that we’ll work well with. We’re in it for the long haul and are dedicated to your success, so we want to make sure that we’ll work well together during this partnership.

Our commission is 5-20% of email revenue, depending on your revenue and margins. 

We have a maximum monthly commission of $2,500.

We’ll do it better and make you more money. All of our clients were already doing some form of email marketing prior to working with us. 

Some clients were already making 30% of total revenue through email, but partnered with us to save time and money. 

Absolutely. Our email design and copy are created using your brand guidelines. You’ll always have the final say in our content and design. 

There’s a good chance that your existing flows have lots of room for testing and improvement. 

If we find that an existing flow is fully optimized, it can be excluded from monthly commissions. 

Yes, you will get to review and give final approval before anything is sent. 

We won’t launch any email campaigns, flows, or sign-up forms until you are 100% satisfied. 

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