Because a product is only as good as the user thinks it is.


What Our Customers Say

Sparklite are a joy to work with, they are so passionate about really getting to the crux of the business in order to write perfectly apt copy, they understand and work with you on briefs and were instrumental in helping with our content strategy copy.

A pleasure to work with.

Nicky, SK

I’ve used Sparklite for well over 200 SEO-driven blog articles over the last year, can’t give them a better recommendation really.

They stick to deadlines, have excellent on page SEO writing skills and still manage to add a personal touch to their blogs so they don’t sound robotic like your typical “SEO writer”.

Chris, Bodega

A real pleasure to work with – friendly and knowledgeable. I learn so much by interacting with Sparklite – highly recommended!

Chris, Tigrish

Sparklite have assisted us by writing some articles for our activity company. Fantastic local knowledge and coupled with an excellent style of writing sets these guys a cut above the rest. Highly recommended.

Jamie, West Country Games

Agency Spotlight: Shake & Speare

"Before founding Shake and Speare, I was a copywriter myself for some years. That means I demand quality when receiving work from writers. I turned to Sparklite when managing the volume of content I required was becoming laborious.

Thankfully, Sparklite delivers fantastic quality content and removes the need for me to liaise direct with writers and editors. That means I can focus on keeping my clients satisfied and deliver the goods.

Most importantly, my clients are always, 100% satisfied with their content. My subscription won't be coming to an end any time soon."

Grant Robertson - Shake & Speare

Get 50% Off Your First Order

We’re looking forward to working with you, as a welcome gift we’d love to offer you 50% off your first order. No matter the size.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

How can Sparklite write in my company voice?

We pride ourselves on our on-boarding process. You’ll receive an initial customer questionnaire which will provide us with a good outline. One of our senior content managers will then consult with you to ask some more in depth questions.

From there, our writers receive a detailed information pack on your brand and your requirements. Included in the pack is a short project brief for each piece, completed by you. 

Once you receive your content, we welcome feedback and revisions. Our writers will revise an unlimited amount of times and if you remain unhappy, we’ll refund your payment for that piece.


How is Sparklite’s content better than others?

We understand the core reason for creating content is to deliver a purpose. It doesn’t matter what that purpose is, be it entertainment or information, we focus on what really counts. Providing value to your users.

It’s for this reason that we want to get to know your audience before producing any content. Search engine optimization has grown up since the days of keyword stuffing. Nowadays, Google and others expect content to deliver user value. Sparklite content delivers this.

Of course, there are cheaper options available from other content providers but they are exactly that, cheap. It’s content that fills space rather than delivers value.


How will I gain time using Sparklite?

You’ve likely found our services because you’re looking to save time. Think about the process that producing content requires:

Finding writers and obtaining samples

Understand the content that your audience wants to receive

Evaluate the style of popular content that’s trending

Undertake the writing process including; creating outlines, drafting, editing, writer liaison, proofreading, revisions.

Managing yours and others time

With Sparklite, that process is not of your concern. You simply receive a completed, quality product.


How can you guarantee Sparklite content is high quality?

We’re proud of our professional team and pride ourselves on only accepting the best. Only the very best writers become part of the Sparklite team, and when they’re part of our team they stay part of our team.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take our word for it. We highly recommend that you read our writing samples in our resources section but the best way to research our content is to try it.

That’s one of the reasons that we offer 50% off your first order with us.

Once you receive a quality piece of content and you’re happy with it, you can choose to use the same writer again, or request a new one.


How does Sparklite guarantee a good ROI?

Put simply, we don’t.¬†

What we do instead is guarantee that you’ll receive amazing pieces of content that your audience will enjoy. What you do with that content is up to you and your team.

Think of Sparklite content a tool that helps you achieve a your overall aim but doesn’t guarantee it.

Remember that content marketing is a long term strategy that can take months and years to see a positive impact. It’s a long term investment, but one that has been proven time and time again to pay off.


How does Sparklite come up with content ideas?

The best content ideas for your business won’t come from our minds. Instead, you understand your business intimately and can provide the best direction that you’d like your content to head to.

We find that our customers who are most satisfied generate the ideas, and Sparklite delivers the content. However, if you are stuck in a complete writers block we can request that writers generate some ideas for you but this should be seen as an exception to our usual process rather than standard practice.