Top 10 SaaS Blog Topics

Jun 9, 2020

The 10 Best Blog Topics for Software as a Service companies

As a Software as a Service professional, you know the power of the internet.  

You know that having a strong, authoritative online presence is incredibly important to your business, your reputation, and your brand.

You probably also know that posting on your blog is one of the best ways to build that trusted reputation. It gives you the chance to show off your knowledge and expertise to existing customers and new prospects alike.

And as this great infographic from DemandMetric shows, 80% of people enjoy learning about a company through custom content such as blog posts.

But if you publish frequent posts on your blog, and we’ve previously discussed the pros and cons of frequent blogging, you’ve probably also come across one of the hardest parts of blogging…

…You have to keep coming up with new blog topics!

What sounds easy can sometimes feel like a chore

Coming up with new blog topics doesn’t sound hard, but it is. It’s difficult to keep generating engaging and interesting ideas, time after time.

Think about your area of expertise, and start jotting down a list of relevant things you could write about.

I bet you’ve easily got 10, 15, 20 ideas. That’s awesome! But what will you write about when that list runs out? If you’re publishing a couple of posts a week, then that’s not going to last you long, and you’ll need some inspiration for when the list runs dry.

Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

Keep the blogging calendar full for maximum impact

Don’t underestimate the power of your blog

Blogging about your Software as a Service company helps potential customers to get a good impression of your business before they sign up for your services, and it forces you to stay on the cutting edge of innovations in your industry. We’ve previously talked about the many and varied benefits of content marketing, and having an active blog is a big part of realising those benefits.

If you need a bit of inspiration for your blog, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Sparklite, we know that generating blog ideas for your SaaS company can feel like a chore, so we’ve thrown together ten great blog ideas to help you out.

1. The pros and cons of Software as a Service

Starting with a simple topic, you should make sure you have a blog post outlining the pros and cons of Software as a Service.

In terms of the pros, make sure you mention things like lower up-front costs, quick setup and deployment, good accessibility for your internet-enabled staff, and the fact that someone else is doing all the legwork on things like upgrades.

For the cons, touch on things like less control over external staff, the limit on the types of application that it could be suitable for, and any potential issues with performance such as longer loading times.

By the time you’ve gone in-depth on all these points, you’ll have a fully-formed blog post!

Help your readers weigh things up

2. A glossary of SaaS terminology

Any prospective new customers may thank you for this one. Writing a blog post all about the terminology of Software as a Service is a smart idea because you can use it as an ‘entry-level’ blog for your company. Check out this SaaS glossary blog from to see the kind of thing we mean (, 2018).

If someone is thinking of signing up but doesn’t know how to express their requirements, or doesn’t understand the services that you offer, you can direct them to this blog to find their feet.

It’s also a good one to promote on social media channels as it makes you accessible to non-experts and experts alike.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

A glossary with definitions is always useful to readers

3. The financial benefits of SaaS

Of course you might be a bit biased, but there are real financial benefits to SaaS, right?

So let your readers know!

Focus on the real savings that businesses could make by utilizing SaaS rather than building their in-house teams. Try not to just make this into a sales pitch for your own company. Instead, focus on giving some useful pointers about where SaaS can make a positive contribution to an ambitious business model.

Readers will always make their own minds up, and if they can clearly see the benefits, then you may well score yourself a new customer.

Demonstrate to your readers that with SaaS, the only way is up

4. How to ‘manage’ SaaS with your IT department

This SaaS blog idea is on a tricky topic: how to deal with the issue of SaaS with your own, in-house IT team.

It’s only natural that your IT department colleagues may feel threatened by SaaS. If you put yourself in their shoes, then it’s easy to see why!

However, it’s important to reinforce the message that Software as a Service is often designed to complement, not replace, existing IT efforts. It is an enabler and a way to access services that may not be otherwise available, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the IT team!

Top tip: if you’re finding it difficult to find a way to start the conversation in your workplace then check out this insightful blog from the Harvard Business Review, all about how to handle difficult conversations at work (Knight, 2015).

Overall, helping your customers to deal with these tricky dynamics within their organization is both a great blog topic for you and a useful resource for them.

5. Data security and SaaS

It would be remiss to draw up a list of SaaS blog topics without acknowledging the importance of data security.

Is it the most exciting subject in the world?

No, but it’s critically important!

No company should sign over access to its systems or data without an in-depth understanding of data security and the legal issues around SaaS.

It can feel like a minefield to the uninitiated, however, so writing a blog topic focused on the legal whys and wherefores would be very useful for prospective clients. It takes some of the fear out of SaaS, which can only be a good thing for your business and for everyone’s peace of mind.

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

Write about how to keep your data under lock and key

6. SaaS case studies

Different people learn in different ways, so if you want your blog to be educational for your readers, then it’s good to incorporate some different posting styles.

Pulling together case studies from your existing customer base can be a constructive way to help people learn about what they can expect from you, and can help you demonstrate that you’re a company on the cutting edge.

Case studies make for a much more ‘hands-on’ learning experience than just reading technical specifications or descriptions of what might happen should someone sign up with you. Plus, when you add in the fact that research from the CMO Council has shown that customers consider case studies to be more trustworthy than industry reports and product reviews, the case is even more compelling (CMO Council, n.d.).

Ratings of consumer trust in marketing channels from research by the CMO Council

It’s much better to demonstrate what has happened using real-life examples from your existing customers than it is to give theoretical examples!

7. A How-to Guide for implementing SaaS

Understandably, potential customers might feel a bit of trepidation about embarking on their SaaS journey. This trepidation can be especially hard to overcome if the leaders in their organization are not IT professionals.

How will it all work? What will come first? How much work will it be for the CEO, the managers, the staff, the IT team?

Put together a How-To Guide, and you take a whole load of uncertainty out of the process.

You get to articulate your main steps to implementation, and your customers get to stop worrying about things that they don’t need to!

Image by Markus Winkler via Pixabay

Everyone appreciates a good How-To guide

8. Management reporting and SaaS

Another slightly dry topic on the face of it, but writing a blog post about management reporting and SaaS is a smart move.

You don’t just have to make lists of the types of reports that would be available to customers if they signed up.

You can show them!

People love visuals (back to that point about different learning styles again), and you can go wild here with example graphics and screenshots.

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

Graphics and visuals really bring a blog post to life

Do you have management dashboards or weighted scorecards? Add them into the blog for a flash of color. Do you have analytic reports that get sent to management? Crop a couple of examples and put them in there too.

The clearer your demonstration of the types of reporting available, the more your audience will get out of your post.  

9. Managing the risks of software as a service

This blog post links very usefully to our topic suggestion number 5, data security and SaaS. Why are we telling you this? Well check out our article all about internal linking and you’ll find out!

For this post, you’ll be talking about risk. Many companies will be concerned about the risks of implementing SaaS, and understandably so.

It’s your job as a responsible, trustworthy SaaS company to be open and transparent about risk, whether it be to highlight higher or lower risk profiles for different areas of the business.

Maybe offer an example of what a risk assessment might look like, as a bonus feature:

Providing useful bonus content is an excellent way to keep readers interested

A good way to structure this post would be to compare the risks of different approaches, including running everything in-house. Being open and honest is one of your best business tools, so use it to your advantage here.

10.  Why you’re the best SaaS company out there

Let’s finish on a high.

Tell everyone why you’re the best!

No, your blog shouldn’t be one long sales pitch about how great your software/environmental credentials/softball team are, but it’s OK to toot your own horn once in a while.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate what you’re good at!

Make it clear that your blog is going to talk about why you consider yourselves to be the best and then do it.

Don’t be embarrassed to point out what you do well- your readers really do want to know, because if they’ve got as far as reading your blog, then they’re interested in what you do.

Just keep it factual and don’t publish too many of these in a row. Share your genius in measured doses! A nice way to keep a balance is to aim for the 80:20 rule, where 80% of your posts are informative and entertaining content, and 20% is on-brand about your business. 

Let your SaaS blog boost your business

Hopefully these SaaS blog topic ideas have set you on your way to blogging greatness!

Think laterally, focus on what interests you and let the words flow.

And remember, if you ever need a helping hand then the friendly team at Sparklite is happy to help. We love helping our customers to brainstorm new blog ideas and set them into a comprehensive content plan. If you’d appreciate a chat about it, then drop us a line today!


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