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Collin Street Bakery

Digital Marketing Strategy

Collin Street Bakery is a family-owned and operated bakery that’s been baking world-famous desserts since 1896. Sparklite has been a key player in growing Collin Street Bakery’s e-commerce presence over the past 5 years and helping transition their customer acquisition from direct mail to digital channels. Some of our wins include increasing email marketing revenue 102% year over year, and increasing Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales by over 300%.

“I highly recommend Sparklite to any person or business that is looking to increase online revenue. They are very smart e-commerce experts that demand process-driven results. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for almost 4 years at Collin Street Bakery. They are always team players, willing to work hard and use their expertise to bring value and innovative ideas to any project.”

Frank Jewelers

Email Marketing

Frank Jewelers is a family-owned jewelry retailer that started an e-commerce store to expand outside of their local market. 

We developed an effective e-commerce strategy and email marketing program to increase revenue and reach national audiences.

“Sparklite has improved our digital strategy greatly. Our campaigns are converting at a much higher level and a much lower cost. We have more leads coming in than ever before.”

InPower Coaching

Content Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

InPower Coaching helps individuals, teams, and organizations unlock their personal power to succeed, serve and shine.

We implemented a content and SEO strategy to rank on #1 on Google for several profitable keywords that is responsible for over 50% of new leads.

“I’ve enjoyed my partnership with Sparklite over several years now as they’ve helped me strategize a successful, SEO-based lead generation campaign that now accounts for well over half my business. They’ve been the ideal partner to help me refine my online presence through site upgrades and transitions demanded by ever-changing technology and digital marketing best practices.”

People Equation

Content Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

People Equation is an expert in the leadership space, serving as a thinking partner and thought leader to help organizations develop a successful communication strategy.

After a thorough SEO audit, we fixed multiple on-page issues and optimized existing blog posts, which lead to a significant increase in organic traffic and email subscribers.

“Sparklite helped People Equation align content strategy and optimize articles for SEO, which resulted in increased organic website traffic. Within a six month time frame, Keegan and his team helped us achieve a five-fold increase in email subscribers, which is astounding!”

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